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New gas company to focus on Yamal

Business tycoon Arkady Rotenberg establishes the National Gas Group.
August 12, 2016


The company is believed to team up with Gazprom in the development of Russian Arctic gas projects. It is controlled by Arkady Rotenberg (51%) and Artyom Obolensky (49%), Interfax reports.

The establishment of the company comes two months after Obolensky and his RusGazDobycha signed a cooperation agreement with Gazprom over projects in Yamal.

It is believed that the new National Gas Group will get a key role in the development of those projects, among which are the Parusnoye, North-Parusnoye and Semakovskoye fields.

Gazprom has a big number of production licenses in the Yamal Peninsula and the neighboring Nadym.


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