The Prirazlomnaya ups production. Photo: Gazprom Neft

Two more wells drilled at Prirazlomnoye, production surges

Russia’s only offshore Arctic oil platform now produces more than 6,000 tons per day.
August 17, 2016


Gazprom Neft and its subsidiary Gazprom Neft Shelf has started production at its third and fourth well at Prirazlomnoye, the offshore field in the Pechora Sea. The number of wells are to be increased successively, to a total of 32, the company informs.

«The introduction of new wells are progressing in line with the set time schedule», General Director of Gazprom Neft Shelf Gennady Lyubin says. «Every new well helps us boost capacity and production volumes, and it is all done in a strict and rigid compliance with industrial and ecological security requirements», he adds.

The current wells are more than 19,000 meters deep and have been drilled by company Gazprom Burenie.

The Prirazlomnaya platform has supplied the market with more than ten million barrels of oil since it started production in December 2013.


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