"Apartments in St. Petersburg and Moscow" reads the huge advertisement poster on the wall on towards Prospekt Lenina, the main street in Murmansk. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

People continue to move away from Murmansk region

About 400,000 people have left the Kola Peninsula since the breakup of the Soviet Union.
February 23, 2017


Latest statistics from Murmanskstat confirms the trend seen for the last two decades in the Russian north. People pack their belongings and move south.

By January 1, the population of Murmansk region counted to 758,000 inhabitants. That is down 4,300 year-on-year.

At the peak in 1989, Murmansk region had 1,146,757 inhabitants, 389,000 more than today.

For Russia as such, population is now 144,5 million, excluding Crimea. Including Crimea and Sevastopol, the population stands at 146,8 million, figures from Statistics Russia reads, according to Wikipedia


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