This is one of several old wooden houses in bad shape in Arkhangelsk. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Arkhangelsk demolish dilapidated houses ahead of Putin’s arrival

No time to erect a Potemkin village on Lomonosov Prospekt before the president’s motorcade drives by.
March 16, 2017


Two apartment buildings in bad shape are being demolished. A city official tells Flashnord news portal that it was decided to tear them down instead of covering them with curtains.

The two buildings are on Lomonosov Prospekt and could be within view of the Russian president that will drive the street on his way from the airport to the Arctic Forum on March 30th.

A video of the demolishing was posted on YouTube Tuesday this week.

In Arkhangelsk, Vladimir Putin will meet with Iceland’s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and Finland’s Sauli Niinistö. Denmark and Norway will be represented with foreign ministers Anders Samuelsen and Børge Brende. Russia’s Sergey Lavrov will also be present.

More than 800 foreigners are expected to attend the Arctic Forum.

City authorities in Arkhangelsk are doing what they can to prepare the centre to be in tip-top shape before the Forum starts, a note on the portal of the city reads.

Vladimir Putin will give the speech, entitled “People in the Arctic”  at the Arkhangelsk Lomonosov Drama Theater at 16.00 on March 30th, according to the program of the Arctic Forum.



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