Filmmaker Katja Gauriloff. Photo: Yle Sapmi

First Sámi filmmaker wins prestigous Finnish film award Jussi

With her film Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest, the Skolt Sámi filmmaker Katja Gauriloff won a Jussi, a national film award in Finland, in the category of the Best Documentary.
April 03, 2017


Text by Sara Wesslin

– Wow! This is one of those moments you don’t even dare to dream of and then you suddenly find yourself standing here, Gauriloff rejoiced at the Jussi Gala, arranged by the filmmakers’ association Filmiaura.

– Thank you, Filmiaura! Thank you, foremothers! I’m not sure about history, but this may be the first time a Sámi is standing here to receive this award. I’m really proud of this.

Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest was a nominee for a Jussi award in the categories of the Best Sound Design and the Best Documentary. Katja Gauriloff has earlier been nominated for this award for her film Canned Dreams.

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The Skolt Sámi filmmaker Katja Gauriloff won a Jussi Award with her film Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest in the category of the Best Documentary.



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