House in Umeå, Sweden. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Sweden house prices grow at most in north

Prices are more up in Umeå and Luleå than in Stockholm.
September 20, 2017


House prices in Umeå and Luleå have increased by more than 50% over the last five years , figures from Fastighetsbyrån, Sweden’s leading real estate agency shows.

Norrbotten and Västerbotten, the two northernmost counties in Sweden, top the list of price increase on houses. In Norrbotten, prices are up 57% over the last five years, followed by Västerbotten with an increase of 52% for villas.

On average for all of Sweden, prices are up 39%. Stockholm still has the most expensive villas with an average house price of nearly 3,9 million kroner (€409,000).

Sharpest percentage increase, though, average villa prices in Norrbotten is 1,11 million kroner (€115,000). Average price for a house in Västerbotten is now 1,42 million kroner (€149,000).


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