Volna shopping mall in Murmansk has the world's northernmost McDonalds. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

McForeign Agent

A wave of ‘foreign agents’ branding flows over Russia. McDonalds and other American fast food restaurants could be next.
November 27, 2017


On Saturday, President Vladimir Putin signed the law that allows for listing any foreign media operating in Russia as foreign agents.

Now, Russian lawmakers say the foreign agent label should be introduced also for American fast food restaurant chains. That is McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and others.

LDPR Duma Deputy Boris Chernyshov says to RBC business news that he has asked Russia’s food and media watchdog Rostechnadzor to request all American fast food chains to mark their advertisements with the ’foreign agent’ stamp. Secondly, Chernyshov wants the resturants to be included in Russia’s register of foreign agent - a list where about 170 Russian NGOs have been listed over the past five years.

 Chernyshov points to the fast food as damaging people’s health. 

As of January 1st this year, 609 McDonalds restaurants were operating in Russia. In Murmansk there are several McDonalds, including the one on the city centre’s Five Corner Square, holding the title as the world’s northernmost McDonalds restaurant. 


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