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100 years after Russian revolution, busts, monuments and symbols with Vladimir Lenin are still spread across the Barents Region.
November 06, 2017


In the image gallery above, the Barents Observer has collected a few images of Vladimir Lenin in different versions from our photo archive. Maybe you have more?

Upload your Lenin at our Facebook page and let’s see how many there are in the Barents Region and Russia’s Arctic; in Murmansk Oblast, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Republic of Karelia, the Komi Republic and Nenets Autonomous Okrug or other locations in the high north.

This week, Russia’s Communist Party marks the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution with parades and rallies in many cities. On Tuesday, a big event takes place on the Pushkin Square in Moscow with guests from other countries’ communist parties, like China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and several Latin American countries.

Lenin himself is still at display in the mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square, 93 after his death.

In Soviet times, thousands of Lenin monuments were erected across the world. Most in current and former communist states, but you will also find a few in the United States, Finland, Italy and France. In Norway, there are two at Svalbard: one in Barentsburg and one in the ghost town of Pyramiden.

Although many Lenin monuments were torn down by people happy to get rid of Soviet ideology in the early days after the fall of communism in 1991, there are still a few spread around in Barents Russia. Let’s see how many we can find.


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