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Meanwhile in Apatity, armoured vehicle driver rams shop window for a bottle of wine

January 11, 2018

It could look like an Arctic version of the scene from the movie Golden Eye where James Bond drives through the streets of St. Petersburg in a stolen tank. But yesterday morning’s scene was not for a movie. It was real.

A man stole an armored tracked vehicle from the local paramilitary driving school DOSAAF and started to drive through the streets in Apatity, a town in the Murmansk region home to the Kola Science Centre.

In the Severnaya Street he first smashed a over a parked car, then drove across the pathway and rammed into a shopwindow. Here, he decided to jump out of the vehicle and into the shop to steal a bottle of wine, the local online reports.

Flashnord news agency informs, naturally, that the man then was arrested and law enforcement officials have filed a criminal case.


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