Andrey Nelidov behind bars. Photo: Sergey Markelov,

Former governor gets 8 years in jail

With such a jurisdiction our republic is doomed, says the man who previously headed Karelia.
March 07, 2018

Andrey Nelidov was appointed Head of the Republic of Karelia in 2010. Five years later, he was detained by police on suspicion of large-scale bribes. Nelidov was then working as director of Kizhi, the regional cultural heritage site, and prosecutors say that he got at least 500.000 rubles from a businessman who wanted to engage in commercial activity on site.

Also assistant director Ivan Romanov was arrested.

Both men claim innocence and say that the money was part of a major concept development plan for the Kizhi park. In summer of 2015, Nelidov was visited by Aleksey Ulyukaev, then Minister of Economic Development, today behind bars with a 8-year highly controversial sentence.

«I hope that you feel as badly in your soul as I do», Nelidov told 7x7-journal after the sentence. According to Nelidov the money in question was part of an investment, and not bribes.

Economic perspectives for the region are bleak, the former governor argues.

«With such a jurisdiction, our republic does not have future», he underlines to 7x7-journal. «If this happens with me today, it will happen with you tomorrow.»



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