Illustration photo: Thomas Nilsen

Severomorsk ATM dispensed dollars instead of rubles - so the man repeated the operation 20 times

Bank employee mistakenly loaded $100 notes into the box for 500-ruble notes.
October 17, 2018

A resident of Severomorsk, the closed military town on the Kola Peninsula home to the Russian Northern Fleet, came to the ATM with the wish to withdraw 500 rubles ($7,6) from his private account.

Out of the ATM, however, came a $100 note.

What to do? Well, this man decided to give it another try. Same thing happened, another $100 came instead of the 500-ruble note. The man repeated the operation 20 times, giving him a total of $2,000.

The happiness, though, didn’t last long. Now, the man is charged with theft, the regional prosecutor’s office in Murmansk region reports.

The man now risks up to two years in prison.


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