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Fishermen find dead body in the trawl

The ship was operating in central parts of the Barents Sea when sailors did a horrendous catch.
April 05, 2019


«We first thought there only were some clothes in the back of the trawl net,» ship captain Kjetil Ervik says. «Then, when we made a closer look, it turned out to be parts of a person inside,» he explains to broadcaster NRK.

The fishermen wrapped up the body and then set course for land. The ship is now on its way to a north Norwegian port where identification of the body will take place, the local police says on its Twitter account.

The ship is expected to frist make port call in Båtsfjord, the town on the Norwegian Barents Sea coast.

«I have never before experienced anything like this,» Ervik told NRK. The discovery was made in the morning 4th April.

According to police spokesperson Karl Erik Thomassen, there are no Norwegians missing in the area.

The area is located more than 200 nautical miles from the coast, close to Russian waters. It is primarily Norwegian and Russian fishing vessels that are operating in the area.


Over the years, several people have gone missing in the remote and cold waters. Among them is Dmitry Kravchenko, a Ukrainian man that served on a Latvian snow crab trawler. Kravchenko disappeared at sea in 2018.

In a series of stories, newspaper Dagbladet revealed how crab fishing companies are making big money on luxurious crab catch. At the same time, sailors on board the vessels are offered inhuman conditions.


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