Photo: Atles Staalesen

Woman from Arkhangelsk tests positive for coronavirus

She is the first official case in the north Russian region.
March 17, 2020


The woman has been under special observation after her recent return from Italy and subsequent signs of disease. On Tuesday, test results confirmed that she had contracted the virus, report.

She is now isolated in the main regional hospital. Special procedures of heightened preparedness have been implemented, the regional government informs.

Igor Orlov is Governor of Arkhangelsk. Photo: Atle Staalesen

The situation is under control, regional Governor Igor Orlov underlines.

All individuals that recently have returned from abroad are under observation by regional authorities and the ones that have been in countries of high risk are in self-isolation.

At the same time, regional authorities are seeing a significant increase in the demand for masks and protection gear, as well as food products.

Governor Orlov now calls on citizens to refrain from mass bunkering up of foodstuff.

“I assure you, there are sufficient reserves of products in Arkhangelsk Oblast, and supply problems are not expected,” he underlines.


The official number of infected individuals in Russia by noon Tuesday totaled 114. Among them is one person in Murmansk and one in Syktyvkar, Komi Republic. A total of 116 061 tests have been made, the federal government’s website devoted to the coronavirus informs.

In the neighboring Nordic countries, the infection is running out of control with more than 1,300 cases in Norway, of them 139 confirmed in the course of the last 24 hour. The average age of the infected is 46 years and 60,2 percent of them are men, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health informs. Most of the cases have been infected after travels to northern Italy and Austria.

In Finland, the number of cases confirmed by laboratory tests by 17th March totals 319, the country’s Institute of Health and Welfare informs.

In Sweden, the official number of cases by 17th March 2 pm totaled 1167, the country’s Public Health Agency informs.



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