Murmansk police are making controls to ensure that people follow the self-isolation regime. Photo:

Nearly 3 of 4 coronavirus patients in Murmansk are under 45 years old

Murmansk’s coronavirus numbers rise sharply like in the rest of Russia.
April 11, 2020


By April 9th, 44 people had been hospitalized with coronavirus in different cities on the Kola Peninsula. 39 of them are still receiving treatments, while five had been discharged form hospitals, regional authorities in Murmansk informs.

72% of the patients are under 45 years old. Of them, two persons under the age of 18. 23% are age 46 to 65, while 5% are age 66 to 80. Nothing is said about the patients’ possible other comorbidities.

The highest numbers of coronavirus patients are in Kirovsk and Apatity hospital with 21, while six are in Murmansk, five in Pechenga, four in Kola and one in Monchegorsk. The two closed navy towns of Aleksandrovsk and Severomorsk have six and one patients respectively.

All the above mention figures are from Thursday, April 9th.

Since then have 23 more people been hospitalized with coronavirus, bringing the total official number up to 67.

All over Russia, the number of new coronavirus infections raised by 1,667 from Friday to Saturday, bringing the country’s number of cases up to 13,584, the official portal Stop Coronavirus informs. The majority of cases are reported to be in Moscow. 106 people have been killed by the virus in Russia.

Murmansk is Russia’s largest city above the Arctic Circle. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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