Murmansk Govenror Andrey Chibis (center) shows Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Andrey Gurovich around in the 10,000 square meter facility. Photo:

New corona-hospital in Murmansk is built in only 2 weeks, now ready to treat 700 patients

Nowhere in the country has a hospital been erected this quickly, regional authorities say.
June 08, 2020


As restrictions on people’s movement and public activity are being eased, a new major field hospital is officially opened in Murmashi, about 15 km south of Murmansk City.

The 10,000 square meter hospital has 700 beds all prepared for coronavirus patients. It includes nine blocks with various specialization. There are both “clean” and “dirty” zones, and 100 of the beds are reserved for patients with need for intensive care, the regional government informs.

The hospital was officially opened on the 6th June in a ceremony headed by Murmansk Governor Andrey Chibis and federal Deputy Minister of Emergency Situation (Emercom) Andrey Gurovich.

The facility has been built in cooperation with Emercom and federal Ministry of Health.

Nowhere in the country has a hospital of the kind been built this quickly. And experiences from the project can now be applied other places in the country, deputy Minister Gurovich says.

The number of coronavirus cases in the Russian Arctic region has over the last weeks stabilized and less than 50 new cases are now daily registered in the region’s official COVID-19 statistics.

A total of 3,576 individuals are registered with the virus, of them 2,288 employers at Novatek’s Belokamenka yard outside Murmansk.


Following a major outbreak in Belokamenka, the Murmansk region was for several weeks among the regions in Russia with the biggest number of new COVID-19 cases.


The new field hospital has 700 beds, of them 100 for patients in need of intensive care. Photo:



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