Dmitry Panychev is health minister in Murmansk. Photo:

Treatment for the minister of health as new virus wave hits Murmansk

Dmitry Panychev is hospitalized after contracting the virus. He is one of many Russian top officials now registered with COVID-19.
September 30, 2020


The regional health minister tested positive after experiencing a slight fever, and was subsequently hospitalized. His condition is satisfactory, according to the regional government in Murmansk.

The hospitalization is connected with the need to minimize epidemiological risks to the surroundings, Panychev explains. He calls on locals to follow the recommendations of the health authorities to use face masks, keep distance and use disinfectants.

Dmitry Panychev is far from the only government official that has contracted the virus. Several of his regional cabinet colleagues are already carriers of COVID-19, and on the federal level a big number of cases are now registered among parliament legislators.

According to Speaker in the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, a total of 18 legislators are now hospitalized because of COVID-19. Over the last months, as many as 60 legislators have contracted the virus, he told Interfax.

Russia now has more than 1,76 million registered COVID cases. Over the last 24 hours, 8,418 new cases were recorded. That is among the highest numbers over the last two months.

In the Murmansk region, a total of 14,989 cases were by the 30th September registered as carriers of the virus. The number of new daily cases now exceed 80. The City of Murmansk is the regional hotbed of cases, followed by Navy town Severomorsk and the border municipality of Pechenga.


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