Arctic towns get mail by drone

The Russian postal service is testing mail deliveries by UAVs to remote settlements in the far northern Yamal region. Regular services are due to start in 2024.
November 23, 2021


Together with company Aeromax and regional Yamal-Nenets authorities, the Russian Post in mid-November tested a powerful SH-350 drone in the area around regional capital Salekhard. The helicopter-type UAV successfully delivered packages to the town of Aksarka, a 53 km distance from Salekhard.

By 2024, up to ten remote regional towns and villages are to get regular postal deliveries by drone, the Russian Post informs. Also other far northern regions like Chukotka, Khanty-Mansiisk and Kamchatka are to get the service.

The SH-350 can carry a load of 100 kg over 150 km long distance and at a speed of 90 km/h.

According to Russian Post, drone deliveries of post is especially relevant in the North where harsh climate conditions complicate logistics.

“Therefore we currently develop drone deliveries to remote and inaccessible areas so that locals can quickly get any postal dispatching,” says company eputy Director Sergei Sergushev.


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