Deputy Speaker in the Arkhangelsk City Duma Rim Kalimullin speaks at pro-war event. Photo:

Arkhangelsk wanted to celebrate annexation of Ukrainian lands. But only few people came to the party

A downtown support concert for the so-called referendums in Ukraine assembled only a few handfuls of people. At the same time, regional authorities frenetically seek to draft men for the bloody war.
September 30, 2022


It was to be seen as a powerful show of support for Russian patriotism and military onslaught on Ukraine. But the concert that took place on the square in front of the Cultural Palace in Arkhangelsk ended up rather as a display of dwindling public sympathy.

Only about 100 people attended, and many of them were part of the organising team from local authorities and the United Russia party.

The concert was devoted to the so-called referendums that have taken place in four Ukrainian regions and their subsequent annexation by Russia, regional government VK page Otkryty Arkhangelsk informs.


Only few people attended the pro-war event in Arkhangelsk. Photo:


“We are now fighting with 49 countries that are using all kinds of modern weapons against us. But we are not afraid of them because Russia is a great country,” Deputy Speaker in the local city Duma Rim Kalimullin in an address at the event.

But the local politician’s call for patriotism and unity hardly stirred the desired enthusiasm.



“It is a concert for Z patriots.”


“This was nothing but a show for Z-patriots,” a local woman ironically writes in a social media comment. Others castigates the organisers, arguing that that they themselves should go to the front.


“Why damn it are you sitting warm and comfortably here, instead of dying “for the country” on the frontline?!


“The recruitment offices have been open since March, why then damn it are you sitting warm and comfortably here, instead of dying “for the country” on the frontline?!” a woman writes in a comment addressed to a local war supporter.

The concert was held on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s official annexation of four Ukrainian regions.

In a ceremony in the Kremlin on the 30th of September, the dictator signed agreements on the inclusion of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the Russian federation.

At the same time, Russian regions are frantically seeking to draft men for the war. In a meeting between Arkhangelsk Governor Aleksandr Tsybulsky and Northern Fleet Commander Aleksandr Moiseev, the latter confirmed that Arkhangelsk has has managed to draft the number of men requested for a first dispatch to the front. But more is needed, the Northern Fleet commander made clear.

“You can always count on Arkhangelsk Oblast,” Governor Tsybulsky underlined to the admiral. “Like always, when the times are hard and dangerous, Arkhangelsk will stand up for the protection of the country,” he said.



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