Dmitri Medvedev is former president (2008-2012) and prime minister (2012-2020). Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Medvedev says Russians who left should be banned from returning

Traitors who hate their country so much that they call for its defeat and destruction must be regarded as 'hostis publicus' - public enemies, the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council writes in his Telegram channel.
December 29, 2022


You either support the war on Ukraine, or you are not allowed to return to Russia, the outspoken top official suggested on Wednesday

About 900,000 Russian citizens are believed to have left the country following the invasion of Ukraine in February. First 500,000 in the first half year, then an additional 400,000 by early October when Putin called for the mobilization of men to join the onslaught on the neighboring country.

Medvedev says “screwed freaks daily wish death to their compatriots and their country.”

He calls on these people to be defined as enemies of the state… “Even if no one initiated any administrative or criminal cases against these persons.”

More, the former president and prime minister suggests that “they must be completely cut off from their sources of income in our country, whatever they are.”

Dmitri Medvedev concludes his Telegram post by suggesting that the only way those who left could be allowed to return is “in the event of a prior unequivocal public repentance, and in appropriate cases, only through an amnesty or pardon.”

“Although it would be better for them not to return.”




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