Photo: Investigative Committee of Russia

Russian investigators summon girl (9) and boy (10) for questioning following mother's suspected "discreditation of army"

A criminal case was opened against Lidia Prudovskaya from the town of Mirny in Arkhangelsk region following her anti-war social media posts. Both her two children were summoned to testify against her.
August 01, 2023


Prudovskaya was informed about the criminal case against her on the 24th of July. The legal action came after her posting on social media of anti-war information, the Russian version of the Barents Observer reports with reference to SOTA.

But not only Prudovskaya was summoned for questioning by the representatives of the Investigative Committee. Also her two children aged nine and ten years were requested to show up at the investigators.

In a document sent to the family, local investigator Abramov threatens the children with legal action and fines in case they do not show up at his office.

Prudovskaya is the sixth individual in Arkhangelsk region that has faced criminal charges following anti-war activities.

The town of Mirny is located about 200 km south of Arkhangelsk City. It is known for its Plesetsk space center and nearby military airport. Mirny has status as closed military town.




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