Russian regional officials Aleksandr Molokovskikh and Tatiana Plato are criticized for the Norwegian flag on their clothes. Collage by the Barents Observer based on photos from Telegram

Wave of criticism rose against two Russian government officials that wore caps with Norwegian flags on

"We are highly displeased with the head of our city administration that carries the flag of a NATO country," a group of Russian soldiers says in a video.
January 10, 2024


Head of the executive office of the city of Perm Aleksandr Molokovskikh recently appeared in public with a cap with a Norwegian flag on.

It soon stirred a reaction among local soldiers that take part in Russia’s aggressive onslaught on Ukraine.

“We, a storm unit, are highly unhappy that the head of the Perm city administration, an official from the United Russia party, allows himself to carry the flag of a NATO country,” a group of warriors from the region of Perm declares in a video shared by Telegram channel Pesets.

“Mr. Molokovskikh, take a closer look at the money that is allocated by the country that you show on your head,” the men continue and add that “Norway recently allocated one billion kroner to the Kyiv regime.”

The cap is produced by clothing company Napapijri, which uses the Norwegian flag as part of its brand.

Aleksandr Molokovskikh is not the only Russian government official that is criticised for wearing of clothes with the Norwegian flag.

Recently, the head of a government environmental center in the Komi Republic was seen wearing a cross-country skiing outfit from the Norwegian brand Bjørn Dæhli. On a picture shared by a local Telegram channel, Tatiana Plato carries a sport cap with the Norwegian flag.


“What is the message from the state official that promotes a country from the ideological enemy block,” the administrator of the channel asks.

“It is a lesson to other officials; this is not the right time for such,” the Telegram channel writes.

The public attention to their clothing has put the two state officials in a squeeze. Aleksandr Molokovskikh now underlines that the cap “is no longer part of his wardrobe.”

In a statement published by news agency RIA Novosti, the Perm city administration says that Molokovskikh “regrets his thoughtlessness.”








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