The Sámi are living in northern Scandinavia and on Russia's Kola Peninsula. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Google adds North Sámi to translation service

Also languages of multiple ethnic groups in Russia are included in Google Translate’s update.
July 03, 2024


North Sámi is the largest of the nine Sámi languages and is originally spoken by the indigenous peoples in northernmost Norway, Finland and Sweden.

In Russia, part of the Sámi population on the Kola Peninsula understands Northern Sámi, although the main languages are Kildin, Ter and Skolt.

Back in 2017, UiT Arctic University of Norway presented a free, open-source machine translation for North Sami. Google Translate later introduced a pilot test.

Now, the official version is operative Google says in a statement.


In total, 110 new languages are added to Translate, including such spoken in northern regions like the Yakut, Chukchi and Komi.





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