Kola Nuclear Power Plant. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Emergency shutdown at Kola reactor

An unexpected fault led to an automatic scram at reactor No. 3 on Sunday.
May 22, 2023


The reason for the shutdown is being investigated, Rosatom says in a brief note. The state nuclear corporation provides no further details, but underlines that the reactor was disconnected from the network and is now in a safe mode.

Two other reactors at Kola nuclear power plant are operating as normal, while reactor No. 4 is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

There is no increased radiation in the area, more than normal background, Rosatom assures.

The shutdown comes only two days after 200 employees at the nuclear power plant participated in an emergency drill, training on how to deal with an accident scenario.

Reactor No. 3 is 42 years old and is of second-generation Soviet-designed pressure water cooled.

In 2016, the reactor got an extended license, allowing it to operate until 2026. Ahead of the prolonged operation permission, Rosatom invested nearly €16 million in 116 different improvements on the reactor.



Entrance road to the Kola Nuclear Power Plant near the city of Polyarniye Zori. Photo: Thomas Nilsen



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