Atle Staalesen

The flags of Moscow’s two puppet regions, the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics, waived in the air as locals from the Pechenga district gathered for the opening of a monument honoring war and bravery in Ukraine.
July 26, 2022
Mining and metallurgy company Nornickel considers to develop a transshipment hub in Northern Africa that will allow it to circumvent European ports.
July 23, 2022
Drilling rig "Severnoye Siyanie" is on its way to the Kara Sea where this year's first offshore Arctic well will be drilled.
July 21, 2022
They are trying to break into my home, activist Yevgeny Kazakov reported as policemen hammered at his front door in Arkhangelsk.
July 19, 2022
Mining and metallurgy company Nornickel has opened a new logistics situation center that is to coordinate transport operations on the Yenisey River.
July 17, 2022
There is still thick sea-ice on the Northern Sea Route as the Russian oil carriers sail along the remote Arctic coasts.
July 10, 2022
A recent youth festival in Murmansk promoted teenage culture and career opportunities. It was also a venue for recruitment of more troops for military operations.
July 08, 2022
25 year old sportsman Ivan Fedotov was born in Finland and has a Finnish passport, but that did not prevent the Russian Military Commissariat from detaining him and sending him towards a garrison in the Russian North.
July 04, 2022
Norway is violating the Svalbard Treaty from 1920, says Deputy Speaker in the Russian Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev following the Nordic country's unwillingness to facilitate transportation of Russian goods to the archipelago.
June 29, 2022
Someone removed the Nazi-inspired war symbol from the mural in Russian Navy town Gadzhievo.
June 29, 2022