Novaya Gazeta

Billions were invested into saving a dying village after Norilsk Nickel closed its smelting plant. A year later, the main projects are not working out and some of them have not even started yet
January 28, 2022
A man was stabbed to death in the north Russian village of Umba on New Year's Eve. Was it a drunken brawl or a lynching? This village has been known locally as "Tersky Kushchevka", a reference to a south Russian mafiatown.
January 26, 2022
Repression against indigenous peoples is comparable to the first years of Stalin's industrialization. But this time the government is acting in the interests of private capital
November 25, 2021
FSB officers obliterate the names of Stalin's executioners from criminal cases, believing themselves to be their successors
October 22, 2021
In the Murmansk region, the rapid rise in prices is not only for food: everything from cat food to housing is getting more expensive
October 21, 2021
Near Murmansk, early voting for military personnel was blocked from prying eyes by a moat. The regional election commission assures everyone that it is legal.
September 15, 2021
Security officers have confiscated a book about repressed Finns from the printing house
September 06, 2021
In the Murmansk region, former convicts have shown up for the elections
August 18, 2021
Four policemen have defended their rights to care for their children in the European Court of Human Rights.
July 30, 2021