Thomas Nilsen

The amount of microplastics found in blue mussels on Norway’s Barents Sea coast near the border to Russia is more than double of what is measured in the inner Oslo Fjord. Oddbjørn Jerijærvi, collector of samples, says the fishing industry is to blame for 90 percent of all plastic waste he finds in the Varanger Fjord area.
December 11, 2017
Exit St. Petersburg for 17 Norwegian and Swedish university students.
December 08, 2017
After three months stop for safety reasons, ENI was on Friday granted permission to re-start oil pumps in the Barents Sea.
December 08, 2017
Donor countries agree to fund an additional study on how to extract the damaged spent nuclear fuel from Tank 3A.
December 08, 2017
With Novatek’s second Arctic LGN-plant in pipe, Rosatomflot Director Vyacheslav Ruksha says the Northern Sea Route «simply requires more icebreakers.»
December 06, 2017
Finland’s state broadcaster YLE is additional to Barents Observer the only provider of Russian language news in the Nordic countries.
December 05, 2017
Looking for a copy of the New York Times or Die Welt for sale in Moscow? Then you should hurry, by January 1st, distribution can be banned.
December 04, 2017
After massive media-coverage in Russia, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko says denying the Norwegian journalists «was due to a technical problem.»
December 01, 2017
Cost-efficient and practical as the Nordic countries interact more and more.
December 01, 2017
Journalist Øystein Bogen and cameraman Aage Aune are being told that they pose a threat to Russia’s national security.
November 30, 2017