Yle Sapmi

Sámi handicraft is often strongly gender-divided. For Anne Risten Sara, this has been a source of problems, as Sara feels neither woman nor man. Sara hopes that one day someone will sew a Sámi attire that they can wear and feel comfortable in. Discussion on the theme is only emerging in the Sámi community.
July 24, 2021
The Swedish Church plans to apologise to the Sámi at two occasions: at Uppsala Cathedral in winter 2021 and in Luleå in October 2022. Doctoral researcher and theologist Helga West finds it important that the Swedish Church will also include economical aspects in its reconciliation process.
June 29, 2021
The owners of reindeer farms in Utsjoki, Finland, have applied for funding from the Ministry of the Environment to protect their old forests. The ownership of the forests will not change but the joint landowners will receive compensation for their timber. The Utsjoki reindeer farmers’ Community Forest will probably get a compensation of almost 900,000 euros for the protection of 700 hectares.
June 24, 2021
According to a recent study, the native speakers of Sámi in the northernmost municipalities of Lapland, Finland, stay in their home region more often than those who speak Finnish as their mother tongue. A provincial project on development in Lapland, financed by the Regional Council of Lapland, has produced a study on internal migration from the province together with MDI, a consultancy for regional development. An equally extensive study on the theme has never been carried out.
June 21, 2021
From May on, the inhabitants of Aanaar, Ohcejohka and Eanodat will be able to fish in the non-private waters of their municipality with one fishing permit for the whole fishing period.
March 27, 2019
A fresh assessment of threatened species indicates an increasing loss of biodiversity in Finnish nature. Of the 22,000 species evaluated in the Red List of Finnish Species, 11.9% were classified as threatened, compared to 10.5% in the previous assessment. In early March when the Red List came out in Finland, a Sámi reindeer herder observed the snowy owl, an extremely endangered species, in the fell area of Ohcejohka (Utsjoki).
March 26, 2019
According to the Educational Office of the Sámi Parliament in Finland, the textbook situation in schools is terrible, but it is impossible to produce enough new books without more financial resources from the state of Finland.
March 08, 2019
The District Court of Lapland has acquitted all the defendants in the case that dealt with fishing in the river system of Tana.
March 07, 2019
Approximately 70 percent of Sámi film-makers are women, says Anne Lajla Utsi, the director of the International Sámi Film Institute in Sápmi, the Land of the Sámi. 
March 05, 2019
At the Utsjoki Court, five Sámi have been accused of fishing offences. They base their fishing on their right to practice Sámi culture – a right pursuant to the constitution of Finland.
March 01, 2019