Akula-class submarine in the Barents Sea. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

“Gepard” sails Barents Sea again

Nuclear powered attach submarine on voyage after two years of repair.
December 01, 2015


Gepard” (K-335) is the newest of the Russian Northern fleet’s multi-purpose submarines of the Akula-class. She joined the fleet in December 2001 and has now been in for the first long-term overhaul at the Nerpa shipyard northwest of Murmansk.

“The repair work allows to significantly extend the operational life of the vessel so its further operation in the Arctic can continue,” the Ministry of Defense reports on its portal.

Being the only submarine of the more modern Akula-III class, the “Gepard” can, according to the Ministry, perform a wide range of combat missions by tracking enemy submarines and engage large surface and coastal targets.

The “Gepard” is considered to be the most advanced nuclear powered submarine in the Russian navy before Severodvinsk-class and the Borei class submarines started to sail a few years ago.

The submarine is longer and has a larger displacement compared with the other submarines in the Akula and Akula-II classes. A single pressured water reactor provides power enough to speed the submarine up to 28 to 35 knots submerged. In addition to torpedoes, the submarine carries cruise-missiles. 



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