MiG-29 (NATO reporting name Fulcrum) will take part in "Ladoga-2016". Photo: Andrey Zinchuk/Airforce.ru

Russia plans air force drills in Karelia

In the end of March, the annual air force drill “Ladoga” will take place over Lake Ladoga in the Republic of Karelia, which borders to Finland.
March 16, 2016


“Ladoga 2016” will involve about 50 pilots on aircraft of the types MiG-29, MiG-31 and Su-27. Fighter jets from Russia’s Western Military District based in Tver and Kursk Oblast and the Republic of Karelia will take part in the drills, the Ministry of Defense’s website reads.

The drills will include live firing and launch of guided missiles. According to information from the Ministry of Defense, one of the characteristics of the annual Ladoga drill is that the pilots are not informed where the simulated enemy keeps his air attack weapons, and have to search, detect and track targets on their own, while keeping to the zone of combat duty in the air.

After the exercise, the young pilots will be qualified to conduct combat duty on protection of Russia air space, the ministry informs.

The “Ladoga” drill is an annual event, and has involved a lot more personnel and aircraft in previous years. In 2013, more than70 planes and helicopters and 1000 troops took part in the drill, and “Ladoga-2009” also involved airborne troops, border guard, naval vessels, and was conducted at nine different ranges. 



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