New naval commanders presented

Russia's Navy and its Northern Fleet officially got new Commanders.
April 19, 2016


Russia’s Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu took part in a ceremony in Severomorsk on Monday where the country’s new Commander of the Navy Vladimir Korolyov and Commander of the Northern Fleet Nikolay Yevmenov were presented for the personnel.

As the Barents Observer reported, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, who has been leading the powerful Northern Fleet for the last four years, has been acting Commander-in-Chief of the Navy since November 2015. He is the fourth Northern Fleet Commander to be appointed Head of the Russian Navy since 1991.

It is an important position Admiral Korolyov enters, Minister Shoygu said during the ceremony. “Vladimir Ivanovich’s new position is particularly complex. He has to address important issues concerning development of the Navy and maintain its high level of preparedness,” he said, according to the ministry’s website.

During Korolyov’s time as Commander of Northern Fleet, the unit has gone through considerable changes. The Arctic Joint Strategic Command was established in December 2014 on the basis of the Northern Fleet. The command is responsible for Russian territories in the Arctic, including new and re-opened bases and airfields on Franz Josef Land, New Siberian Islands and other places.

Vice-Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov comes from the position as Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet, and has been acting Commander since November 2015.

According to Defense Minister Shoygu, Yevmenov has extensive experience in dealing with difficult and important challenges facing the joint strategic command. “The new Commander of the Northern Fleet has gone all the way from being a group commander on a nuclear submarine to becoming Chief of Staff. He has comprehensive knowledge, high moral and professional qualities,” Shoygu said.



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