Project 23550 icebreaking patrol vessels for the Russian navy. Image:

Russian navy to build ice-breaking patrol vessels

Two vessels able to break through 1,5 meters thick ice will be delivered by end of 2020.
May 06, 2016


The Ministry of Defense says the vessels are part of the State Arms Program, a comprehensive modernisation program including new vessels for the navy to operate in Arctic waters.

The two patrol vessels of the 23550 project are according to the Ministry a fundamentally new vessel class that combines tug capabilities, icebreaking and patrol voyages. Over the last dw years, Russia’s Northern fleet has been sailing more and more patrols along the Northern Sea Route. Arctic waters are of strategic importance in Russia’s re-armament program.

Multi-tasking flexibility options enable the new class to carry out a wide range of tasks in the Arctic zone. Based on preliminary images, the vessel has several similarities to Norway’s icebreaking coast guard vessel “KV Svalbard”.

That includes possibility for a in-door hangar for helicopter.

Both vessels will be built by the Admirality yard in St. Petersburg.



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