Graveyard for Soviet and British soldiers on Fisherman's Peninsula. Photo:

Russian, British military open 2WW memorial near border to Norway

The Soviet and British soldiers who lost their lives on the Fisheman’s (Rybachi) Peninsula were honored by two countries’ military representatives.
August 04, 2017


The new memorial site is located in the Vaida Bay, a remote part of the Fisherman’s (Rybachi) Peninsula only few kilometers from the border to Norway.

The area was ground for fierce fighting between Nazi attackers and Soviet forces during the second world war. On the site of the memorial are buried 16 Soviet soldiers and two British pilots, the Russian Northern Fleet informs.

The memorial site was officially opened this week by representatives of the two countries’ Armed Forces. The British side was represented by Defense Attache Christopher Connolly and relatives of the fallen pilots. Also a military chaplain was part of the delegation.

British and Soviet forces were fighting together in the Kola Peninsula against German and Austrian troops. Many thousand men, first of all from the Soviet and German sides, lost their lives during the fierce Arctic battles.

Despite the major war activities in the area, the Fisherman’s Peninsula never came on German hands.

Deputy Head of Russia’s Northern Fleet Anatoly Minakov (right) leads talks with British representatives. Photo:





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