Military supply vessels in Arctic waters. Photo:

As Navy steps up Arctic operations, a military logistics base is built in Arkhangelsk

The 140 hectare facility will provide support for the increasingly complex Navy engagement in Arctic waters.
November 30, 2017


«The scale of the project is impressive», regional Governor Igor Orlov said after a meeting with the Ministry of Defense this week. According to the regional leader, more than 500 people will have their workplace at the new base.

Oboronlogistika leader Anton Filatov and Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov, June 2017. Photo:

It will be built on a 140 hectare plot outside the city center, in an area near the sea port of Ekonomia and is due to be completed by year 2020.

Representatives of the military and the regional government are now starting to study ground conditions in the area, prepare for local infrastructure and power supplies. An agreement between the sides is to be concluded within 120 days, the regional government informs.

According to regional authorities, the new facility will also serve civilian stakeholders and be part of the federal government’s bid to establish support bases for preparedness, rescue and emergency capacity along the Arctic coast.

Oboronlogistika, the company established and owned by the Ministry of Defense is key stakeholder behind the initiative. In only few years, the company has secured itself a significant role in northern waters. In 2016, it officially got the role as so-called joint logistics operator for the Arctic, which means that it will provide supplies to the expanding military facilities, bases and ships in the region.



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