The «Aleksandr Otrakovsky» has been almost six months at sea. Photo:

Russian Navy vessel completes 6 months voyage with shooting exercise outside coast of Norway

Landing vessel «Aleksandr Otrakovsky» tested its anti-aircraft artillery in the Norwegian Sea.
March 02, 2018


The ship was on its way back to home port of Severomorsk as it this week tested its guns outside the northern coast of Norway. The exercise included return of fire against an attacking simulating enemy, a press release from the Northern Fleet informs.

In addition, operators of the ship’s mobile air-defense missile complexes tested their equipment, the Navy says. The missile complexes are operated by Northern Fleet infantry units that during the voyage were engaged in protecting the ship against sabotage and terrorist attacks.

The «Aleksandr Otrakovsky» has been almost six months at sea. The ship on 12th September 2017 set out from the Kola Peninsula and subsequently spent about five months in the Mediterranean.

The 112 meter long landing vessel is made for carrying troops and can operate on coasts without developed infrastructure. It was built in 1978 and has a crew of 87.



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