Pictured is a British Army Apache Attack Helicopter arriving at Bardufoss, Northern Norway. Photo: 656 Squadron, 4 Regiment Army Air Corps

British attack helicopters arrive for winter exercise in Northern Norway

First time British Apache helicopters have operated in the Arctic.
January 09, 2019


Commando Helicopter Force with the Royal Navy and Army Air Corps are making ready for cold climate exercise, including shootings with Norwegian army forces in Troms, Northern Norway.

Some 800 British soldiers from the Royal Naval Commando and Royal Marine are involved, says Major Fred Eilers with Bardufoss Air Station to the Barents Observer.

This week, three Apache helicopters were brought to Bardufoss by C17 transport planes. Norway’s TV 2 was first to report about the arriving Apache helicopters. 

Later, British Merlin and Wildcat helicopters will arrive.

Photo: 656 Squadron, 4 Regiment Army Air Corps

Commando Helicopter Force have posted photos of the arrival of the first Apache helicopter on its Facebook-page and says this is the first time such attack helicopter from Great Britain ever has been deployed for Arctic training.

Exercise Clockwork, an annual British winter exercise in Northern Norway, this year marks its 50th anniversary, Major Fred Eilers says.


Starting in mid January, the British soldiers and aircraft will train with the Norwegian army personnel. Based at Bardufoss Air Station, the helicopters are just a four minutes flight from Sætermoen shooting range. Here, training with live shootings will take place with both the British attack helicopters as well as Norwegian army units.  

Also this winter, soldiers from Netherlands Marine Corps are on winter training at Åsegarden allied training centre outside Harstad on the coast of Northern Norway.

From next winter, the Dutch soldiers are likely to train from Bardufoss.

Norwegian soldiers. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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