Mig-31. Photo: mil.ru

Russian fighter jets, strategic bombers move along Norwegian coast

As the Northern Fleet prepares a major naval exercise in the Norwegian Sea, a powerful group of Russian airplanes flew into the area.
August 10, 2019


It is happening with increasing frequency; Russian vessels and aircraft engage in exercises in the Norwegian Sea, not very far away from the location of Norway’s Joint Headquarters in Bodø.

This time, however, was extraordinary. In action were also the Mig-31MB, a supersonic attack aircraft that can control large swaths of air space.

According to the Russian Armed Forces, the air force fleet that on Thursday flew from the Kola Peninsula across the Barents Sea and into the Norwegian Sea included several Mig-31BMs, as well as six long-range Tu-142 and Il-38.

The main objective of the air force group was to hunt down submarines and the exercise took place in international air space. They conducted joint action in the air and cooperated with surface vessels in the area, the Russian Northern Fleet informs.

A total of 18 pilots and 9 aircraft were included in the exercise that took place in difficult weather conditions. More than 10 hours were spent in the air and the distance exceeded 12,500 kilometers, a press release reads.

The exercise put the Norwegian Air Force on alert. F16 fighter jets were scrambled three times from their base in  Bodø. All the nine Russian planes were registered and a spokeswoman for the Norwegian Armed Forces admits to NRK that the number is «unusually high.»


According to Aldrimer, at least one of the Russian aircraft moved as far south as Bodø.

The Russian show of force in the air above the Norwegian Sea comes as several Russian navy vessels are on their way north along the coast of Norway after having participated in training in the Baltic Sea.

According to spokesman with the operational headquarters of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Sigurd Tonning-Olsen, there have been announced four NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) in areas off the coast of Helgeland and Lofoten for the period August 14th to 17th.

This is “unusually high activity”, he told the Barents Observer.

The press service of the Northern Fleet informs that two tactical groups of navy ships are formed in the North Sea and they “will continue with planned combat training missions as they are crossing the sea.”

Missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov”, the large anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk” and the rescue tug “SB-406” forms the first group, while the second consists of milti-purpose logistic support vessel “Elbrus”, the rescue tug “Nikolay Chiker” and the frigate “Admiral Gorskhov”.



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