The "Pyotr Veliky" in Severomorsk. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

More than 15 naval vessels set out from Kola Peninsula

Battle cruiser «Pyotr Veliky» was among the ships that this week engaged in an exercise on hunt-down of enemy submarines in the Barents Sea.
October 11, 2019


The fleet that on Thursday left their bases in the Kola Peninsula and sailed into the open waters of the Barents Sea was the Russian Navy’s biggest surface vessel, the 252 meter long «Pyotr Veliky», as well as big anti-submarine ship «Vice Admiral Kulakov» and the smaller «Snezhnogorsk».

In addition came three mine sweepers, two small missile boats and at least two rescue and support ships, the Northern Fleet informs.

Air support was provided by several Il-38 and Tu-142 aircraft.

The purpose of the exercise was to control battle preparedness at the end of this year’s summer training, the military says.

The training included the full range of anti-submarine warfare, from the establishment of contact with an enemy sub to the extermination of the vessel.

The time span of the exercise only about 24 hours and the vessels and their crews were on Friday expected to be back in their home bases.




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