"KV Senja" is this week visiting Arkhangelsk in the White Sea. Archive photo: Thomas Nilsen

Norwegian Coast Guard ship makes port call to Arkhangelsk

It is not very often nowadays you see a grey-colored ship from a NATO country sailing into a Russian port.
October 02, 2019


Sailing in the Dvina river delta, the Norwegian Coast Guard ship got some attention. These waters in the White Sea are of strategical importance for Russia. Both the shipyard for building nuclear-powered submarines in Severodvinsk and the mysterious naval missile test-site in Nenoksa are som few tens of kilometers away.

The aim of the port call, though, is friendly. Boarder guards’ cooperation between Norway and Russia is not sanctioned by the halt in Russia-NATO military ties.

Each year, the top brass in charge of the land and sea border between the two countries in the north meet annually. One year in Russia, the next in Norway. Practical and formal talking points in regards to the border regime are discussed. In Russia, it is the FSB that is in charge of controlling the land boarder and the maritime border in the Barents Sea.

For «KV Senja», Arkhangelsk is not a first-time visit. The Coast Guard vessel also sailed on a voyage with a similar aim in autumn 2015.

In 2017, the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel «KV Barentshav» made port call to Murmansk.

Norwegian and Russian military and civilian search- and rescue resources work side-by-side together during Exercise Barents 2019. Photo: Thomas Nilsen





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