Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Norway bans video-drones during Cold Response military exercise

The ban includes all private drones with video, photo or other sensors for a period of one month in large area in northern Norway.
February 26, 2020


The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) on Monday introduced a one month ban  for the area from Narvik in the south to west of Tromsø in the north. The area is key for activities during the large multinational Cold Response Exercise now under preparation.

Cold Response kicks off on March 2 and will last until March 18 and the main part of the exercise is located in the district of Troms where the Norwegian Army’s military camps at Setermoen and Bardufoss are located.


The red area shows where no drones can be used in the period from February 24 to March 24. Map: Barents Observer / NSM / Google


Between 15,000 and 16,000 soldiers from nine countries are participating, mainly Norway’s NATO allies, but also forces from Sweden and Finland play an active role. Military hardware and soldiers from oversea NATO members have already arrived to northern Norway, which is one of the reasons for the ban on drones is already in force.

The prohibit of private drones comes in addition to already established restrictions on aviation for security purposes in the area where both military helicopters and UAV’s will operate.

In 2016, unidentified drones plagued military exercises in both Norway and Sweden. Who operated those drones were never revealed.




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