Arctic marines train helicopter jump

The parachuting soldiers serve with the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade and the 200th Motorized Infantry Brigade, both based in Russia's borderland to Norway.
September 21, 2020

The paradrop mission included jumps from different heights; 600 to 3,000 meters, the Defense Ministry informs on its Vkontakte page where the video of the jumps from a Mi-8 helicopter was first posted.

The 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade is one of Russia’s Arctic warfare brigades as part of the coastal  troops of the Northern Fleet. Like the 61st Brigade, it is located in the Pechenga valley, a few kilometers from the border to Norway.

Jumps were preformed in full combat gear and with standard weapons, according to the ministry. After landing, on a dedicated field not far from the Litsa River, the assault and reconnaissance units worked out tactical methods to capture and secure the landing area.

The last week was busy for the military units in the Pechenga valley on the Kola Peninsula with several traing drills and troop movements. 

Russia on Monday kicked off Kavkaz 2020, this year’s version of the annual large-scale strategic military exercise. Ssoldiers from nine countries participate, including China. The exercise will last from September 21 to 26.