Illustration photo of ballistic missile launch from Plesetsk.

Russia exercised nuclear triad in the Barents region

Missiles where Wednesday launched from the Barents Sea, Plesetsk and long-range bombers.
December 09, 2020


Russia’s Defence Ministry told journalists about the nuclear exercise with various missiles launched from the country’s northwestern region.

All three legs of the nuclear triad participated; land-launched nuclear missile, nuclear-missile-armed submarine, and strategic aircraft with nuclear cruise missiles.

Strategic bomber Tupolev-160 takes off for Arctic mission. Photo:

The ministry informs about one ballistic missile launched from a submarine in the Barents Sea, several long-ranged cruise missiles fired from both Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic bombers, and one intercontinental missile launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in Arkhangelsk region.

According to the Defense Ministry’s TV Zvezda, the launch from the Barents Sea came from the Delta-IV class submarine Karelia (K-18). The channel has posted a video of a Yars missile taking to the skies from Plesetsk.  

The missiles, according to the Defence Ministry, hit their designated targets. The cruise missiles hit targets at the Pemboy training ground in the Komi Republic, while the ballistic missiles from Plesetsk and the Barents Sea hit targets at the Kura training ground on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Russia has several times in recent years exercised all three legs of the nuclear triad simultaneously. See the Defence Ministry’s video of the December 2020 exercise under.





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