The "Severodvinsk" is the first vessel in the Russian navy's 4th generation Yasen-class multi-purpose submarines. Photo: Sevmash

First Baltic Sea voyage for Russia’s 4th generation multi-purpose sub

The "Severodvinsk" sailed Danish waters Tuesday morning en route from the Kola Peninsula to St. Petersburg where the submarine will be on display at the Naval Parade.
July 19, 2022


Last autumn, the “Severodvinsk” test launched the submarine version of Russia’s new hypersonic Tsirkon cruise missile in the Barents Sea. It is unclear whether the sub is armed with the Tsirkon as it now sails into the Baltic Sea, the first-time voyage in the area for Russia’s 4th generation multi-purpose nuclear-powered submarines of the Yasen class

The Danish Armed Forces confirms in a tweet that “Severodvinsk” now is in transit from Skagerak to the Baltic Sea. The navy’s tug “Pamir” and landing ship “Ivan Gren” sail together with the submarine.

Spokesperson with the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, Major Elisabeth Eikeland, would not comment on whether the submarine sailed submerged or surfaced along the coast of Norway.

In previous years, nuclear-powered submarines sailing inter-fleet transfer en route from the Northern Fleet to the Naval Parade in St. Petersburg have sailed surfaced all along the coast of Norway, likely because the vessels have not been prepared for combat readiness.

Previous Northern Fleet nuclear-powered submarines participating at the Naval Parade in St. Petersburg include:

  • 2017: The Typhoon class “Dmitry Donskoi
  • 2018: The Oscar-II class “Orel
  • 2019: The Oscar-II class “Smolensk
  • 2020: The Oscar-II class “Orel
  • 2021: The Oscar-II class “Orel”, the Borei class “Knyaz Vladimir” and the Akula class “Vepr

The “Severodvinsk” (K-560) was commissioned in 2013 as the lead vessel of the new Yasen class. The 139-meter long vessel is powered by one nuclear reactor and has Zapadnaya Litsa as its home base. 

Russia’s Navy Day is celebrated annually on the last Sunday in July.




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