First time touchdown on Swedish soil as the B-1B visited Luleå Kallax airbase. Photo: Jesper Sundström / Swedish Armed Forces

US bombers land in northern Sweden for first time

“This is a historic event,” said Brigadier general Tommy Peterson, acting chief of Sweden’s air force.
June 21, 2023


The two B-1B bombers from the United States Air Force landed at Luleå Kallax Airbase for the first time in history on June 19. 

The Americans says in a statement that the arrival of strategic bombers to Sweden highlights U.S. and Swedish cooperation and the ability of U.S. Forces to seamlessly integrate with allied and partner nations.

Sweden is on the doorstep to join NATO, only awaiting a Turkish approval.

The two planes that landed in northern Sweden are currently forward deployed at an air base in the United Kingdom. 

Last week, the two U.S. B-1B planes made a flyover at Turku air show in Finland together with a Finnish F/A-18 fighter jet. The U.S. planes, however, did not land in Finland.

“In these troubled times and while waiting for NATO membership, it is important to have strong partners,” Tommy Peterson says.

“We have repeated co-exercises with the Bomber Task Force where we practiced the entire chain, from escort and liaison to sharp weapons action and now we are taking the next step in our collaboration by basing the B1-B Lancer on Swedish soil,” Peterson added. 




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