The "Generalissimo Suvorov" is named after the 18th Century Russian general that is known for his military battles, including fighting the Swedes and annexing the Crimea in the Russian empire. Photo: screenshot of video from the Russian Armed Forces.

Russia'a new ballistic missile submarine sails under Arctic ice sheet in transfer to Pacific Fleet

Almost two months after it set out from the Kola Peninsula, nuclear powered Borei-class sub Generalissimus Suvorov arrives in its new home base of Vilyuchinsk.
October 17, 2023


The transfer from the Northern Fleet to the Pacific Fleet was completed on the 16th of October as the 170 meter long submarine arrived in the far eastern naval base.

“Today is a historical day and very important moment for the Pacific Fleet,” Fleet Commander Viktor Liina said in an address to ship Captain Igor Golobev and his crew.

Igor Golubev is captain of the Generalissimo Suvorov. Photo: screenshot of video

“The operational opportunities for the Pacific Fleet to solve military security tasks in the Asia-Pacific region has been strengthened,” he underlined.

On the pier were distinguished guests from the Navy and the  regional government of Kamchatka, as well as family members of sailors. A video shared by the Russian Ministry of Defence shows the 107 crew members lining up and receiving medals.




The fleet transfer comes almost ten months after the vessel was handed over by shipyard Sevmash to the Russian Navy.

In late August, it left the Northern Fleet and set out on the Arctic voyage. Major parts of the transfer was made under the Arctic sea-ice.

The Generalissimo Suvorov is the sixth vessel of Russia’s 4th generation ballistic missile submarines and the third of the upgraded Borei-A class. It can carry up to 16 ballistic Bulava missiles. It was officially commissioned on the 29th of December 2022.

The submarine is the only nuclear powered submarine that has been commissioned since Russian launched its full-scale war against Ukraine. The country was expected to commission also an attack submarine of the Yasen-class in 2022. But that did not happen.

It is now believed that the Yasen-class sub K-571 Krasnoyarsk will be commissioned in late 2023, along with the Borey-class Imperator Aleksandr III. Both are due to be based in the Pacific Fleet.

Russia is planning to build a total of nine Yasen-class attack subs and ten Borey-class subs. Today, respectively three and six of them have been commissioned.




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