Landing ship Yamal was moored by the 13th Ship Repair Yard in Sevastopol when a Ukrainian missile hit and inflicted serious damage. Photo: Nenets Yamal Governor Dmitry Artyukhov on VK

Landing ship Yamal critically damaged in missile attack — Ukrainian Armed Forces

The ship operating under the stewardship of the Yamal-Nenets region is one of three vessels reportedly hit in this weekend's massive Ukrainian attack on occupied naval base Sevastopol. A significant number of sailors from the far northern Russian region has served on the vessel.
March 25, 2024


The Ukrainian Armed Forces late Saturday 23rd of March fired several missiles against the communications center of the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, as well as several of the naval vessels moored in the occupied base.

Among the vessels hit was the 112 meter long large landing ship Yamal. In addition, the landing ship Azov and intelligence ships Ivan Khurs were hit. Satellite images show that also the communications center got serious damages.

Footage from site show large explosions in the center of Sevastopol.

According to Ukrainian military intelligence, the damage inflicted to the Yamal is critical. A hole in the upper deck soon caused it to roll to the starboard side, a Telegram message intelligence service reads.

Seven of the Black Sea Fleet’s 13 landing ships have been destroyed. Picture: Ukrainian Armed Forces on Telegram

The ship is believed to have been under repair at the 13th Ship Repair Yard when attacked.

It is the seventh Russian landing ship destroyed by the Ukrainians. Among the vessels hit are also the Olengorsky Gornyak, a Northern Fleet ship that was moved to the Black Sea ahead of the full-scale attack on Ukraine.

In addition, 13 more Black Sea ships have been sunk, destroyed or damaged, a survey made by German journal Bild shows. Among them is the cruiser Moskva.


The destruction of the three latest ships comes just few days after the appointment of Aleksandr Moiseev as new Head Commander of the Russian Navy. Moiseev comes from the post as chief of the Northern Fleet.

Landing ship Yamal belongs to the Ropucha Class and has sailed under the stewardship of the far northern Yamal-Nenets region since 2001. According to an agreement between the regional government and the Black Sea Fleet, the region is to offer various support to the ship as well as the Black Sea Fleet aviation unit in Kacha in return for the service of regional sailors.

Since 2001, more than 400 young men from the Yamal-Nenets region have served in the Black Sea Fleet, regional newspaper Sever-Press informs.


Yamal-Nenets Governor Dmitry Artyukhov during a visit to Crimea in 2019. Photo: Artyukhov on VK


In 2019, regional Governor Dmitry Artyukhov paid a visit to the occupied peninsula. He brought presents to servicemen from the Yamal-Nenets region and had a look at equipment and objects funded by his regional budget.

“The military capacity of the equipment is staggering,” he said in a comment.

“I am happy that we have such friends and partners in Crimea and I am confident that our relationships will only get stronger,” he underlined.






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