A NATO P-8 patrol and reconnaissance aircraft in the gunsight of the Admiral Gorshkov. Screenshot of video

Russian Navy shows off how frigate aims weapons against NATO aircraft

During training in the North Atlantic, the powerful Northern Fleet warship put an approaching P-8 NATO patrol aircraft in gunsight. Also two other NATO aircraft were targeted.
May 23, 2024


In a video shared on the information channels of the Russian Armed Forces, the crew of the frigate Admiral Gorshkov takes aim at the NATO patrol and reconnaissance aircraft.

The video first shows how the P-8 flies low over the ship and subsequently how it is in the gunsight of the frigate.


Video from VK page of Russia’s Northern Fleet 


It is not clear to which country the aircraft belongs, but it is likely that it is Norwegian. In the North Atlantic, only Norway, the UK and USA operate P-8 patrol aircraft.


The Russian warship is marked with a “V,” one of the symbols used by Moscow in its war against Ukraine.

Maksim Fyodorov, senior assistant of the ship commander, says in a comment that three enemy aircraft approached the ship from different directions and altitudes. The training proceeded successfully and the weapons systems worked excellently, he underlines.


Ready for launch against NATO aircraft. On the wall of the Admiral Gorshkov weapon room are pictures of several types of NATO aircraft. Screenshot of Northern Fleet video


In the training, the cruise missile systems Poliment-Redut, as well as artillery system A192M and combined missile-artillery complex Palash, were applied. No actual shots were fired during the exercise.

The Admiral Gorshkov is also carrying the hypersonic Tsirkon missile system.

The Russian frigate set out from Severomorsk, Kola Peninsula, on the 17th of May. According to the Northern Fleet, the Admiral Gorshkov had course for the Atlantic Ocean. On the way, it would sail through “designated areas in the Barents Sea,” a notice reads.

Together with the frigate are sailing tanker Akademik Pashin and support ship Nikolai Chiker.

Over the next months, the ships will execute tasks in remote parts of the World Sea.

“The main task is to demonstrate the flag and provide naval presence in key operational areas of remote waters,” the Northern Fleet informs.

To the knowledge of the Barents Observer, this is the first time a video is made public displaying a Northern Fleet warships that shows off how it aims its weapons against foreign aircraft.





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