Kiruna church is today located on the top of a hill. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Church on the move

Kiruna’s landmark wooden church will be demolished and relocated so it doesn’t fall into the underground iron-ore mine.
December 17, 2015


The characteristic church from 1912 is to be taken apart and re-built near the center of the “new Kiruna” some few kilometers from today’s location, reports the regional newspaper Norrbotten-Kuriren.

Re-location of Kiruna city center is a highly needed move dictated by LKAB, the local iron-ore mining company the literally undermines today’s location. The mines, 700 meters underground creates cracks in the ground and is steadily moving towards the western part of the town, including the church.

Locals don’t protest Kiruna’s move. The town was built to house and serve the mining company and its future existence depends on LKAB.

The church is satisfied with its new location, in between the new City Hall and the graveyard.  

It is not yet set any date on moving the church. First, the new City Centre will be built. 


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