The Spektakel town

Artists, musicians, journalists and government representatives gather in the border town of Kirkenes for the Barents Spektakel festival 2016. See what is going on.
February 12, 2016


The festival started on Wednesday with an opening show orchestrated by artist groups Close Act (Netherlands), Taibola (Arkhangelsk, Russia), Crescendo (Kirkenes, Norway) and DrumTamTam (Murmansk, Russia) and continued with an opening concert and the festival exhibition vernissage.

The festival, which this year has got the title «Rethinking Location», is the 13th of its kind. It is organized by local curator group Pikene på Broen and takes inspiration from the location of Kirkenes near the border to Russia and Finland. 

The festival includes one day of activities in Nikel, the town on the Russian side of the border.

Contemporary arts, concerts by Norwegian and Russian groups and political debate is on the agenda.

See the full festival program here


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