Yevgeny Nikora is currently working as Counsellor of the Director of Kola Nuclear Power Plant. Photo: Trude Pettersen.

Nikora enters Murmansk government

Longstanding regional politician Yegeny Nikora is appointed Deputy Governor of Murmansk Oblast in charge of housing, construction and energy.
April 14, 2016


Nikora is appointed Deputy Governor from April 15, according to the Regional Government’s website. He takes over the chair from Sergey Gubich, who leaves the post after nearly four years.

Yevgey Nikora has been involved in regional politics for many years. He was Speaker of the Murmansk Regional Duma in the period 2007-2011. After that he has been a member of the Duma and Vice-Chair in different committees for economic policy, budgets, finances and taxes, energy and housing.

Since he left the post as Speaker of the Regional Duma, Nikora has worked as Counsellor of the Director of Kola Nuclear Power Plant.

“Yevgeny Nikora’s experience from working in the Parliament and at the Kola Nuclear Power Plant, as well as his close contacts with the municipalities, are his tools for successful work in this responsible position,” Governor Marina Kovtun said in a meeting with her new deputy.

Nikora is also taking part in the United Russia primaries for the upcoming Duma Elections on September 18.


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