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Finland’s recently launched Sámi Climate Council aims to introduce new ways of making decisions in the Arctic. Perhaps this will urge decision-makers to avoid some of the controversies shaking up the public debates in other Nordic countries.
November 08, 2023
A new atlas exploring everything about permafrost has been published this month, something those behind the project hope will give readers a fresh understanding on the changes occuring in the Arctic.
October 28, 2023
A new study out of Canada has revealed a link between climate change and polar bear lactation and raising future questions about the long-term impacts on cubs.
October 15, 2023
According to the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), many species could disappear as temperatures rise over the next few decades.
September 29, 2023
There is a growing interest in the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate says in a statement and pitches a photo from the far northern Svalbard archipelago.
August 31, 2023
Never before has the average monthly temperature at Svalbard been measured above 10°C. That is not good news.
August 01, 2023
Last week was the hottest on record according to preliminary data, says the World Meteorological Organization.
July 11, 2023
The Russian General Prosecutor argues that environmentalists undermine the country's expansionist plans in the Arctic and its development of the Northern Sea Route. The WWF is now declared an "undesired organisation."
June 23, 2023
Record temperature for May at Mehamn airport on Norway’s coast to the Barents Sea.
May 24, 2023
There are thousands of contaminated sites in the Arctic, and as permafrost thaws, increased pollutants from these areas could be released, says a recent study.
April 09, 2023
Two new government documents downplay climate change and environmental protection and instead highlight "national interests" and “efficient development of natural resources.”
April 06, 2023
February was milder than usual across Finland, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).
March 03, 2023
East Finnmark region was 4 to 5 degrees warmer than normal in January.
February 03, 2023
The occurrence of extreme precipitation over Svalbard seen over the last four decades is linked with declining sea-ice in the Greenland Sea, a new study concludes.
October 03, 2022
Norwegian environmental organisations rage as the country's government issues a big number of new drilling licenses.
January 18, 2022
Thawing permafrost across the circumpolar North is posing an increased risk to transport and transportation infrastructure, and if left unchecked, could lead to tens of billions of dollars in extra costs, says a team of international researchers.
January 13, 2022
Warmer Arctic waters with less sea ice cause orcas to impact the northern marine ecosystems as the impressive whales swim further and further north in search of food and cooler temperatures.
January 13, 2022
It was a great year for Norwegian oil and gas, the country's Petroleum Director Ingrid Sølvberg said in her recap of 2021. She did not mention the word "climate" even once.
January 13, 2022
Ice-cover under the snow, caused by climate changes, creates severe challenges for reindeer in northern Finland this winter.
January 05, 2022
A new study conducted at the Moscow State University confirms that the Arctic permafrost along the country’s northern coastline is thawing at terrifying speeds.
December 27, 2021
Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev warns against the EU's push for renewable energy, and Council Deputy Head Dmitry Medvedev argues that Western countries' drive for environmentally high standards in the Arctic is politically motivated and aimed at weakening Russia.
December 15, 2021
Kilometers and kilometers of fragile taiga nature west of the smelters for nickel and copper in Monchegorsk was Friday covered by smog containing sulfur dioxide and heavy metals.
July 27, 2020
At least 45 tons of jet fuel leaks into the ground from a pipeline owned and operated by Nornickel.
July 12, 2020
Oil company Rosneft intends to drill for oil in a protected nature reserve in the far northern Taymyr peninsula.
June 26, 2020
Invisible for humans, but detectable for radiation-filters. A cloud with tiny levels of radioactivity, believed to originate from western Russia, has been detected over Scandinavia and European Arctic.
June 26, 2020